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Sangria Blanca Recipe

What you need:
1 bottle of dry white wine, chilled
1/2 cup of Cointreau
1/4 cup of sugar
10 ounces of club soda, chilled
Ice cubes
1 lemon, thinly sliced
2 limes, thinly sliced
1 orange, halved and thinly sliced

How to prepare:
Combine wine, Cointreau and sugar until well blended in a glass pitcher. When ready to serve, stir in ice cubes and soda. Garnish with sliced fruit. Serve in clear, stemmed glasses.

Serves 6 to 8.

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Who is Moana?

Mills Thompson (1875-1944), full length portrait, standing, facing front, in blackface holding knife in teeth and large club in hand.
Mills Thompson (1875-1944), full length portrait, standing, facing front, in blackface holding knife in teeth and large club in hand.

In this day and age of acceptance and racial diversity, you can thank Disney Studios for the latest Princess with Dark Skin, Moana! Not without controversy. Moana’s Brownface costumes have started an internet roar, with flashbacks to the early days of blackface to the je m’en fou of its all in fun anyway!  You know that any publicity is good publicity, so Moana has gotten off to a raging start!

This full-length animated film features our favorite characters in the Polynesian style, full-body tattoos and all. Because of certain trademark conflicts, the picture will be titled Vaiana in many countries. (OK, who came up with Moana anyway, its a bit wimpy, like “she who moans!) The picture will be titled Oceania in Italy, while the name of the protagonist will be Vaiana in lieu of Moana, presumably to avoid confusion with an Italian porn star of the same name, Moana Pozzi. More complications. But a step in the diversity direction, which seems to be a trendy move these days. So add Moana to your list of”must-sees.”

Balayage is Cool

What is Balayage, well, lets look to wikipedia, our favorite go to:

Balayage is a technique of free-form painting on clean, styled hair. The results are subtle, and thus more natural-looking than foiling or chunking. Balayage is currently trending among women aged 18-27 in the American South.

An interesting side note, it is also a mathematical term meaning, adding harmony to an equation. We agree, Balayage does add harmony to the overall effect of hair coloring. So many times we see brassy or over processed hair when foils or caps are used. The hand-painting technique of Balayage eliminates all of these issues, and creates a sun-kissed flowing, harmonious look!

Since summer is coming to a close, enjoy your last few days of fun in the sun, and be sure to head over to Ocala’s Best Jewelry Store to check out their fall collection, J&J Jewelers, jewelry repairs on site!


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